Scholarships for Private Schools in Pennsylvania:


Pennsylvania Private School Scholarships:

You can find, on this page, a listing of scholarships that are available specifically for students attending or planning to attend a private school  in the US state of Pennsylvania. For more generic scholarships that are available not only to Pennsylvania students but also students from other states, check our main page on private school scholarships.  If, on the other hand, you are a high school student looking for a scholarship for college or university, go to our home page for more options. The scholarships listed on this page are specifically for students attending or planning to attend a private Pennsylvania high school (and in some cases elementary and middle school, too). 






Private High School Scholarships for students residing or planning to get education in Pennsylvania:

There are several scholarships available specifically for students attending or planning to attend a private high school in the US state of Pennsylvania (e.g cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Bethlehem, Scranton, Lancester, Harrisburg, as well as smaller towns and regions).  Most of these are tuition scholarships, though some cover other expenses, too. Most are need-based, though some are merit-based, and some are a combination of the two. Check our general private school scholarships page, too, for more options. The scholarships listed below are those that are specifically for students in Pennsylvania.  


1) Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI):

For students attending or planning to attend a Christian schol in Pennsylvania. Only students going to approved schools can get these awards. Awards are made possible through the Children's Tuition Fund (CTF) Pennsylvania. These scholarships are need based, and the annual income of the family should be no more than $50,000. Students should apply through their school by May 15th of every year. Each school will then evaluate the applications and send them to ASCI by June 1. Scholarships will be sent to schools in early July.  Here are some of the cities where ASCI scholarships are available: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Bethlehem, Lancaster, Champion, Johnstown, Harrisburg, Greensburg, Gettysburg, Jonestown, Chester, Newport, Hershey, Hanover and many others.



2) Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO):

For academically talented students that are in financial need and residing in the city of Philadelphia, PA.  BAEO supports not only private schools, but also public schools, charter schools, home schooling, and virtual schools.



3) Children's Educational Opprtunity Fund (CEO) America Lehigh Valley One-Year Scholarships:

For public school students wishing to transfer to private schools. To be eligible, your annual household income should not be more than $50,000 a year, and you must send documentation proving this.  Valid only for private schools in Pennsylvania.



4) White Williams Scholars: Ellis Trust

For female students residing in Philadelphia who live in a household where one or both parents are absent.  The student must be enrolled in grades 9 to 12 and must demonstrate financial need. Scholarships are worth $1,500 per year for Diocesan schools and $4,500 per year (but no more than tuition) for independent schools.  



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