Scholarships for Attending Private Schools in New York:


New York Private School Scholarships:

On this page, you can find a listing of scholarships that are available specifically for students attending or planning to attend a private school  in the US state of New York. For more generic scholarships that are available not only to New York students but also students from other states, check our main page on private school scholarships.  If, on the other hand, you are a high school student looking for a scholarship for college or university, go to our home page for more options. The scholarships listed on this page you are reading now are those specifically for students attending or planning to attend a private New York high school (and in some cases elementary and middle school, too, i.e. pre-K through K-12).






Private High School Scholarships for students residing or planning to get education in New York:

There are several scholarships available specifically for students attending or planning to attend a private high school in the US state of New York.  Most of these are tuition scholarships, though some cover other expenses, too. Most are need-based, though some are merit-based, and some are a combination of the two. Check our general private school scholarships page, too. The scholarships listed below are those that are specifically for students in New York.  This doesn't mean that New York high school students cannot get other (more generic scholarships) that are available not only for New York students but also students from other states.


1) The Bison Scholarship Fund:

Tuition scholarships available for low income families from the Buffalo, New York area, including the city of Buffalo, Lackawanna, West Seneca, Cheektowaga, Kenmore, and the Town of Tonawanda. These scholarships are need-based, and are awarded based on a lottery that qualified students can enter.  Students can be enrolled in any kindergarten through K-8 private school in the greater Buffalo area (see cities above). Applications are usually due at the end of April every year.  There are currently more than 1,450 Bison scholars. Students can use the funds to attend Catholic schools, too.



2) Futures in Education Scholarships:

For low income students planning to attend a Catholic school in Brooklyn and Queens, New York City. Scholarships cover around $400 to $1,400 of tuition expenses.  Students can apply through schools.



3) Inner-City Scholarship Fund (ICSF):

For K-12, K-6 and pre-K education - Be A Student's Friend (up to $2,700), Cardinal's Scholarship (up to $2,100), First Steps programs (up to $1,100) respectively for K-12, K-6 and pre-K.  Almost all of the scholars are attending private schools in the Archdiocese of New York, mostly from regions like Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island.  Currently, the ICSF provides scholarships to more than 84 elementary and 21 secondary schools in some of the poorest neighborhoods of New York.  



4) Student Sponsor Partners Scholarships:

For low income students from New York City to attend private high schools.  These scholars are usually from families with extremely low annual household income, such as $9,000. Scholarships are renewable for four years, and around 1,200 students are supported throughout 26 private high schools (girls, boys and co-ed) in the NYC area. These are currently the following schools: Academy of Mount St. Ursula (girls), All Hallows High School (boys), Aquinas High School (girls), Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School (co-ed), Bishop Kearney High School (girls), Bishop Laughlin Memorial High School (co-ed), Cardinal Hayes High School (boys), Cathedral High School (girls), Catherina McAuley High School (girls), Holy Cross High School (boys), La Salle Academy (boys), Martin Luther High School (co-ed), The Mary Louis Academy (girls), Monsignor Scanlan High School (co-ed), Mother Cabrini High School (girls), Mount St. Michael Academy (boys), Preston High School (girls), Rice High School (boys), St. Agnes High School for Boys (boys), St, Catharine Academy (girls), St. Jean Baptiste High School (girls), St. Joseph High School (girls), St. Michael Academy (girls), St. Pius V. High School (girls), St. Raymond Academy (girls), St. Raymond High School for Boys (boys).



5) The TEAK Fellowships:

For students with academic merit and financial need attending top high schools and colleges. Students need to be enrolled in the 7th grade at the time of application and attend a public or parochial school in one of the five boroughs of New York City: (1) Manhattan, (2) Brooklyn, (3) Queens, (4) The Bronx, (5) Staten Island. 27% of TEAK alumni attend Ivy league universities in the end, and 61% attend other top tier universities throughout the USA. Students should have grades of 3 and 4s in order to qualify (i.e. a GPA of around 3-4).




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