Scholarships for Private School in Maryland:


Maryland Private School Scholarships:

On this page, you can find a listing of scholarships that are available specifically for students attending or planning to attend a private school in the US state of Maryland. For more generic scholarships that are available not only to Maryland students but also students from other states, check our main page on private school scholarships.  If, on the other hand, you are a high school student looking for a scholarship for college or university, go to our home page for more options. The scholarships listed on this page you are reading now are those specifically for students attending or planning to attend a private Maryland high school (and in some cases elementary and middle school, too).






Private High School Scholarships for students residing or planning to get education in Maryland:

There are several scholarships available specifically for students attending or planning to attend a private high school in the US state of Maryland.  Most of these are tuition scholarships, though some cover other expenses, too. Most are need-based, though some are merit-based, and some are a combination of the two. Check our general private school scholarships page, too. The scholarships listed below are those that are specifically for students in Maryland.  This doesn't mean that Maryland students cannot get other (more generic scholarships) that are available not only for Indiana students but also students from other states.


1) Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust (BEST):

Scholarships available for academically talented African American students planning to attend one of the 20 independent schools under the program.  You do not need to be currently enrolled at a public school to apply. Financial aid procedures vary depending on the school; therefore, it is best to contact the school you are panning to attend. The followng schools are within the BEST program: Boys' Latin School, Bryn Mawr School, Calvert School, Chesapeake Academy, Friends School, Garrison Forest School, Gilman School, The Jemicy School, The Key School, Maryvale Preparotory School, McDonogh School, The Odyssey School, Oldfields School, The Park School, Roland Park Country School, St. Paul's School, St. Paul's School for Girls, St. Tomothy's School, Severn School, Waldorf School.



2) Black Student Fund (BSF) Scholarships

For African American students grades pre-Kindergarten through 12 and living in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas.  Students should first select a member school and apply and then apply for the BSF scholarships. Federal Tax Form will be needed with your application. Note that most of the recipients of these scholarships are from single parent households (70% in 2009). Current application deadline is December 15.



3) Capital Partners for Education (CPE) Scholarships

Provides renewable tuition scholarships of up to $4,500 for students planning to attend a private high school in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area (i.e. including areas of Maryland). Applications should be made during the spring of your 8th grade year.  Applications could be made November through May. Your household income should be around the CPE income eligibility guidelines (currently $50,000 yearly income for a family of four; the amount changes depending on how many members your family has - check the site for more details). In your application, you are supposed to write an essay and also include grade forms, recommendation letters and two documents proving family income.



4) Commonweal Foundation: Pathways to Success Scholarships

For students entering grades 9 through 12 and living in Washington D.C. or Baltimore area.  In order to be eligle, the student must have a family income at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Leel. The scholarships can be used in any of the partner schools. Some of these schools include: Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore, MD, Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School in Washington, D.C.,Highland View Academy in Hagerstown, MD, and Takoma Academy, Takoma Park, MD.



5) Latino Student Fund (LSF)

Provides merit-based scholarships for Hispanic students residing in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, including Washington, DC, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia.  Scholarship amounts differ depending on the grade level: $500 for students grades K through 5, $1,000  grades 5 through 8, and $1,500 grades  9 through 12.  In order to be eligible, a student must (1) be of Hispanic descent, (2) demosntrate high achademic achievement, (3) be admitted to a parochial or an independent school for the upcoming academic year, and (4) receive financial aid either from the school or Archdiocese. The scholarships are renewable.



6) Washington Scholarship Fund

The largest private school scholarships granting organization in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area. The fund has two branches: (1) Opportunity Scholarships Program (OSP), and (2) Signature Scholarship Program (SSP). OSP provides up to $7,500 a year scholarships to students coming from families of up to %185 below the poverty line (currently $39,220 a year for a family of four). SSP provides up to $3,000 per year to famillies at or below %270 of the federal poverty level (currently $57,240 a year for a family of four).  Children can apply to any non-public (i.e. private, parochial, etc.) in the area.



7) Tuition Assistance Program of the Archdiocese of Washington

For students applying to or currently attending a Catholic school within the Archdiocese of Washington (i.e. Washington, DC, and Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's, Montgomery, and Prince George's counties of Maryland. These scholarships are need-based, and are renewable each year as long as the student continues to qualify. 




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