Other Scholarships for High School Freshmen:


Other High School Scholarships:
If you have visited our main pages on scholarships for (a) freshman, (b) sophomore (c) junior, and (d) senior high school students, as organized by the first four icons on the top left side of this website, and haven't yet found what you have been looking for, this page might help you.  We have listed, on this page, scholarships that do not fall in any of the main categories of this website, as well as those that fell in all. 




Other Scholarships for High School Students:


Other than scholarships high school students can secure for college while they are still in high school or scholarships they can get for high school when they are in high school already, there are scholarships for other purposes, too, such as those to attend a private high school. On this page, we list links to such sub-pages of our site:


1) Private High School Scholarships:

For high school students who are planning to attend, or are already attending a private high school. Some of these scholarships help you pay tuition only whereas others also help with living expenses, and some pay a certain amount of stipend.


2) New Scholarships:

We often receive emails from scholarships providers requesting to list their scholarships on our website. These are often new scholarships that have recently been launched. As with the rest of this site, these scholarships are for high school students (Some are aimed at students at a certain grade level, whereas others are more general). Before listing these resources on our main page, we first list them under the category of "new scholarships."


3) High School Scholarships by State (under construction):

Check back later! When ready, this page will provide scholarships listings by state. For example, if you are a high school student in New Jersey, or if you are simply looking to attend a university or college in this state, you can search resources that target this state only, in addition to general resources listed on this website.



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