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Washington Workshops Congressional Seminar Essay Contest Scholarships:
Below is the information we got with respect to the "Washington Workshops Congressional Seminar Essay Contest Scholarships." Every year, one to three students are awarded from each state in the U.S. Application requirements, contact information and other related information you need are all provided here. Scroll down to "New Scholarship: Washington Workshops Congressional Seminar Essay Contest Scholarships."

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New Scholarship: "Washington Workshops Congressional Seminar Essay Contest Scholarships"

This is an essay contest that awards tuition, airfare, room/board for a 1-week workshop seminar in Washington DC during the 3rd week of June each year. 1-3 students are chosen from each state in the U.S. each year thus comprising a group of approximately 70 high school students that attend the workshop seminar each year. Each applicant must write a 500-word essay on a topic that varies each year and send it, along with the application, to the Patriotic Service Chairman of their home state.

The essay topic for 2014 is George Washington's Farewell Address in Philadelphia in 1796 and his warning in this speech against "the advent of political parties  in nations with populace-elected governments." The topic for 2015 will be announced after June on the scholarship provider's website, given below:

The link to this scholarship is http://www.nscda.org/ps/pa_ww.htm

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