Scholarships for High School Juniors:


High School Junior Scholarships:

We have listed, on this page (scroll down), scholarships and financial aid resources available for high school juniors, together with brief descriptions and a link to the relevant scholarship application website. You do not need to register on our website to access these resources, unlike other scholarships websites, which makes us different from others.



Notice, however, that not all of the scholarships that are available for high school juniors that are covered on our site are listed here, in an effort to avoid duplication. (So visit our other pages, too, for more resources). This page gathers together scholarships that are either specifically for high school juniors or scholarships which high school juniors have a high chance of winning.  That is, not all of the scholarships that are relevant for high school juniors are listed here.  For scholarships for which high school juniors and seniors compete together, visit our scholarships for high school seniors page. Note, in particular, the listing number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 on that page, which are not only for high school seniors (despite being listed there), but also for high school juniors.

You should ideally apply for as many of these as possible, for that will immensely increase your chances of landing on at least one scholarship. The scholarships application process is not merely a matter of how excellent you are academically (nor is it based solely on your "need"), but is also a matter of a game of numbers. The more scholarships you apply for, the greater chances you will have of receiving a scholarship. Remember, from the NPSAS and NCES statistics cited on our home page, that if you apply for a scholarship as a junior, sophomore, or freshman, rather than waiting until you are a senior, you highly increase your chances of getting a scholarship for college, or even one specifically for a given year of high school, if that is what you are looking for.

Here is our most recent list of scholarships for high school juniors.  The list is valid for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years:

1) The Fountainhead Essay Contest

For high school students who participate in an essay contest on the novel Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.  236 scholarships are available, each worth $10,000.



2) NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund:

For all high school students participating in a writing contest.  1 award of $4,000 is available.



3) American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest:

For high school students enrolled in public, parochial, military, private, or state accredited home schools.  Several scholarships of up to $18,000 are available.



4) McKelvey Entrepreneurial E-Scholarship:

For young entrepreneurs across the USA.  100 scholarships of $10,000 are available.



5) NetAid Global Action Scholarships:

For high school students in the United States who are willing to build a brighter future for the poorest people in the world.  4 awards of $5,000 each are available.



6) Toyota Community Scholars Award:

For high school students who are nominated by their high school.  The high schools should have a good record of academic success.  Several scholarships are available at $20,000 each.



7) AXA Achievement Community Scholarships:

For high school students with high ambition and drive, determination to reach goals, respect for self, family and community and possession of ability to succeed in college. 350 scholarships of $2,000 each are given.



8) National Vocabulary Competition:

For high school students between ages of 13 to 19.  Applicants should take the National Qualifying Exam. 50 finalists win a trip to the championship finals. The scholarship amount is $40,000.



9) Annual Poster Contest for High School Students:

For all high school students grades 9 through 12.  Several awards of $100-$1000 are available.



10) Outstanding Students of America Scholarships:

For high school students who have a minimum GPA of 3.00 who demonstrate excellent commitment to community services. Several scholarships of $1000 are available.



11) Courageous Persuaders Scholarships:

For high school students who create a 30-second TV commercial targeted at middle school students warning them of dangers of underage alcohol.  7 awards of $500 to $3000 are available.



12) Siemens Westinghouse Competition:

For all high school students competing in the team contest and for only seniors competing in the individual contest.  Several scholarships of $1000 to $100000 are available.



13) Young Naturalist Scholarship:

For students in grade 7 through grade 12 willing to conduct original research in several areas such as biology, astronomy, and earth science.  12 scholarships of $2200 each are available.



14) National High School Poetry Contest:

For all high school students who submit an original, unpublished poem of less than 20 lines.  Several awards of up to $1500 available.



15) Holocaust Remembrance Project Essay Contest:

For high school students in the United States and Mexico who are 19 years old or younger.  Students must submit an essay.  30 awards of $100 to $5000 are available.



16) You can Make a Difference Scholarship:

For high school students who have a desire to make a difference with technology.  Students must submit a proposal for a software project that will benefit a charity organization.  Several awards of up to $5000 are available.

(no website; check www.highscholarships.com for updates)


17) Eco-Hero Award:

For high school students who show environmental awareness. Students must work on a project that show environmental concerns.



18) Angel Soft Angels in Action Scholarship:

For students between the ages of 8 and 18 who perform service and dedication to their community or a cause.  11 awards of $2500 to $20000 are available.



19) The American and Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund (APIASF Scholarship):

For students of Asian or Pacific Islander ethnicity who are getting enrolled full time in a four- or two-year college or university. Several awards of $2000 are available.



20) National Peace Essay Contest:

For high school students in grades nine through twelve who are attending a public, private or parochial school.  Several awards of $1000 to $10000 are available.



21) Discover Card Scholarship Program for High School Juniors

For high school juniors with at least 2.75/4.00 GPA for 9th and 10th grades.  Demonstration of achievement in leadership and community service is a plus. 10 scholarships of 25000 are available. These scholarships can be used for any type of postsecondary education, inluding 2- or 4-year colleges or certification programs.

(www.discoverfinancial.com/community/scholarship.shtml; tel: 1-866-756-7932)


Once again, remember to check this page, where you can find more scholarships for high school juniors, i.e. those for which both seniors and juniors compete, such as the Coco Cola, Best Buy and Bank of America Scholarships, resources you will want to consider applying for.


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